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 time & love and Old, New, Borrowed, Blue are available for purchase at performances
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Listen to Healing, Helping, Whole (Patricia Pettinga © 2012) This song was written as poetry and music to interpret and express the values and virtues proposal criteria of the Fetzer Institute’s Health Professions Advisory Council for their presentation at  the Fetzer Global Gathering in Assisi, Italy in 2012. It features Patricia (vocals & guitar), Dave Cleveland (keyboard & vocals), Jon Moody (bass), and Bill Willging (guitar).

Healing, Helping, Whole

Patricia also appears on:
● Susan Harrison’s Jungle Jamboree (1993), Once Upon a Rhyme (1996), Make Waves (2000)

Patricia and Bill appear on:
● risin’ shine, Northern Michigan Songwriters in the Round, Vol. 2 (2001)
● Pamela Chappell’s Joy in My Heart (1999), Everything Is Alright (2002), A Little Sunshine (2004)